Headquarters: 35 Eroilor Blvd.

Video about the Library Headquarters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr07mUt8v5c&t=18s

The Lending Department:

The encyclopedic book collection is, in the majority, organized in a free shelf access system, and the publications have an RFID tag.

It has a collection of audio books in the Daisy system for visually impaired people and devices for reading and hearing them (players).

It has the newest editions that quickly enter the collections, and the section is up-to-date.

Readers are allowed to borrow 10 books at a time.

The loan term is 14 days, with the possibility of 3 more extensions, asked for in person, by phone, or by email.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8.00–20.00; Saturday: 8.00–12.00

Telephone: 0268 410 801, 0268 419 338, 0368 450 031 (key 1)

E-mail: imprumut@bjbv.ro

ARI (self-return and loan)

As of 2020, the library has an automatic return and loan system. It is placed outside, in the library courtyard, and is also functional outside of the library’s opening hours. It is 24/7 type of library. Access is allowed on a library card basis, and by scanning it, the door opens automatically, similar to the bank offices. Book reservations could be communicated by email during the opening hours of the Lending Department. The librarians deposit the ordered books in the easy reading box, and the library users pick them up from there whenever they have time. The returns can be made at any time; they are received automatically; and the easy-reading box issues a receipt on recycled paper. For the protection of the environment, library users can choose to have the receipt delivered online, by email.

The Reading Hall has almost 100 study places.

Access is based on the library card and the ID.

The department also facilitates interlibrary loans when the requested titles do not exist in our collections.

The interlibrary loan service and the collaboration with other libraries are very active.

Contact for the interlibrary loan: 0268 410 801, 0268 419 338, 0368 450 031 (key 1, then key 6).

The Reading Hall also hosts cultural events and organizes monthly anniversary and thematic exhibitions, promoting the book.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 8.00-20.00; Saturday: 8.00-12.00

Telephone: 0268 410 801, 0268 419 338, 0368 450 031 (key 1, then key 7)

Email: saladelectura@bjbv.ro

Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/saladelecturabjbv

Films about the Reading Room and its book storage, located in the basement of the building: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=wVCNhDR9_JQ

The Media Library hosts a large collection of art albums and magazines, music and sports books, scores, vinyl records, audio and video cassettes, CDs and DVDs, and audiobooks.

The collection of art works by contemporary artists from Brasov (but not only) constitutes the library’s art gallery, whose catalog has been published in several editions.

The department also hosts the Wednesday Sewing Club and the monthly Saturday meeting of the Sewing Club from Braşov:


Periodically, the department organizes art exhibitions in the Staircase Gallery.

Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 8.00–16.00; Tuesday, Thursday, 10.00–18.00

Telephone: 0268 410 801, 0268 419 338, 0368 450 031 (key 1, then key 5)

E-mail: mediateca@bjbv.ro

Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php? id=100080033944591

The English Department is the place where you find your books in English, from various fields (English and American literature, foreign literature in English, literary criticism, linguistic or thematic dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, books of geography, history, science, economy, etc., textbooks for studying the English language or for preparing the Cambridge and IELTS exams, magazines, feature films and documentaries, and more recently, a children’s book fund).

The English library provides publications for home loan and offers books through the mobile library, thanks to the partner teachers from schools and high schools in Brașov city and Brașov county.

It organizes thematic, anniversary, photography, painting, and graphics exhibitions

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 10.00-18.00

Telephone: 0268 410 801, 0268 419 338, 0368 450 031 – key 1, then key 2

E-mail: engleza@bjbv.ro

Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/Biblioteciinlimbistraine

The Bibliographic Information Department makes the directory of the newspaper articles from the central and local press and books about Brașov and produces the Annual Local Bibliography about Brașov county as a working tool.

Compiles bibliographies upon request and guides library users. Collates the calendar of the local, national, and international anniversaries for the current year. https://www.bjbv.ro/calendar/calendar.php

Edits informational and scientific works (‘Scholars from Brasov’, ‘Romanian Periodical Publications from Brasov (1837–1990)’, ‘In Honorem Gernot Nussbächer’, etc.). Also, an example is the George Bariţiu bibliography: http://bibliotecadigitala.bjbv.ro/vlib/baritiu/G_BARI%C5%A2IU.pdf,

Link to the list of publications edited by the Braşov County Library. See below in the menu, in the footer, the Professional section.

It organizes thematic and anniversary exhibitions.

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday, 8.00-16.00

Telephone: 0268 410 801, 0268 419 338, 0368 450 031 – key 6

E-mail: bibliographic@bjbv.ro

The Special Collections Department keeps the following publications:

• old Romanian books published between 1547-1830 and old foreign books starting in 1502;

• manuscripts and documents;

• newspapers and magazines: Gazeta Transilvaniei (Transylvania Gazzette) and Foaie pentru minte, inimă şi literatură (Sheets for mind, heart, and literature);

• Old maps;

• Illustrated postcards from Braşov and places from Bârsa County;

• Ex-libris, mostly belonging to the doctor Emil I. Bologa, Ph.D.;

• Photos

It preserves and makes the heritage collections available to the public, functioning also as a reading room.

It studies different library funds and publishes editions of documents.

It organizes anniversary and thematic exhibitions.

Access to the heritage collections of the section is limited by age (a minimum of 18 years) and conditioned by studies, knowledge of the language and writing of the historical sources, the purpose of the study work, and compliance with the regulations, including careful handling of the consulted documents.

Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 8.00–16.00; Tuesday, Thursday, 12.00–20.00

Telephone: 0268 410 801, 0268 419 338, 0368 450 031 (key 6);

E-mail: colectiispeciale@bjbv.ro