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Inaugural Conference in Romani Studies
University of California-Berkeley
November 10th, 2011

In preparation for the inaugural Romani Studies Conference at the
University of California, Berkeley this November, we seek papers
the burgeoning field of Romani Studies. By examining and exploring the
various strategies by which Roma have represented themselves and
both in dialogue with and apart from the larger societies in which
live, the Inaugural Conference in Romani Studies seeks to support the
continued development of this rapidly-growing field. We seek new
of the uses of Romani images in non-Roma cultures, contemporary social
and political issues facing Romani communities across the globe, and
Roma-related research in the fields of music, literature, film
religious studies, genocide studies, art history, anthropology,
sociology, linguistics, women and gender studies, and political
among many others.

This conference is supported by University of California, Berkeley’s
Institute for Slavic, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies in
partnership with the Institute for European Studies through an
initiative of the Jewish Studies Program. The conference’s keynote
speaker will be Dr. Ian Hancock, Director of the Program in Romani
Studies and the Romani Archives and Documentation Center at the
University of Texas, Austin.

Please submit abstracts and any questions to Anna Torres at by *April 25th, 2011*.

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