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Library access

Using a library card, the users have got access in every department or branch of our library.

The library card is issued based on the following documents:

• The identity card – the permanent address or the floating visa in Brasov County
• Updated pass (pupils/students/unemployed)
• For the children up to 14 years old, the ID of one of their parents is also needed
• The user will sign a contract with the library, obliging himself to respect the library regulations

The lending

• Every reader can lend 1 to 3 books
• The books must be returned in 14 days
• The renewals are made only by the librarians
• Library card is cancelled if the user brakes the library regulations

Paid services for library users
No. Type of service Cost
1. 1. Xerox copies – A4 paper format  
  Front 0,20 RON
  Front - Back 0,40 RON
  2. Xerox copies – A3 paper format  
  Front 0,30 RON
  Front - Back 0,50 RON
2. Library access card  
  Children and young people under 18, unemployed, retired people FREE
  Students over 18 3,00 RON
  Others 6,00 RON
3. Print: Romanian legislation, European and local information  
  Front 0,30 RON
  Front - Back 0,50 RON
4. European and local information on CD-ROM 3,00 RON/CD