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Reader Registration Office

Poza sectia inscrieri The department was established in 1998 as a result of initialising the library databases, both for collections and for users. It is located in the central hall of the ’George Bariţiu’ Public Library Brasov.

It is made up for providing useful information for users on programs and actions organised or hosted by the library, about the rules and regulations for using the library, and about using the library computers.

This department promotes the resources and the programs offered by the library and it also makes the connections with the specialized services of the library. Everything is made by means of 8 workstations, and the trained staff.

Poza Sectia Inscrieri
You receive an access card if you have:

• at least 14 years old
• permanent residence in Brasov or a valid floating visa
• Identity Card
• valid working card or student certificate
• Children under 14 are registered using their parent’s ID

The cost of the card:

• for students under 18, unemployed, retired people – free
• for students over 18 - 3 RON
• Others - 6 RON

The library access card can be used in all the library departments or branches for a period of 5 years.
The annual updates are free.