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Press Room

Poza Sectia Periodice • The press room of The "George Baritiu" Public Library Brasov was established in 1999, by separating the newspapers and magazines belonging to the Reading Room from the rest of the documentary book collections, in order to simplify the reading access. It was located in the basement of the "Baiulescu" building, in a space consisting in a reading room and four depositories.

• The periodical collections come from the 19th and the 20th century, and they are written in Romanian, German, Hungarian, French, English and Italian. Among the old periodicals from our library collections we mention titles such as: „Curierul de ambele sexe”, „Albina românească”, „Convorbiri literare”, „Dacia literară”, „Brassói Lapok”, „Biblioteca românească”, „Justiţia nouă”, „Legalitatea Populară” etc. Among the periodicals published between the two World Wars it could be mentioned the magazines entitled: „Gândirea” şi „Boabe de grâu”.

• The Press Room has subscriptions to all the local periodicals, to the most important Romanian cultural magazines, to the professional magazines such as „Official Gazette” – part I and III, and also to the publications in foreign languages such as „Brassói Lapok”, „Allgemaine. Deutsche Zeitung” and „Magyar Szó”.

• The publications of this department cover different domains of large interest, such as: culture, economy, psychology and sociology, medicine, tourism, agriculture etc. The subscriptions are made according to the users’ requests.