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Community Information and Permanent Education Centre

Poza Centrul de Formare

• information in traditional or electronic format on history, institutions, activity, programmes and grants of the European Union and the Council of Europe

• EUROLEGIS: the European Union’s Legislation in electronic format

• Local information on different domains of interest (databases, portal indexes about culture, economy and tourism

• Information about scholarships and programmes for permanent professional development


• Courses of non-formal education for children, programmes of permanent education and professional development for adults in the following domains: IT, civic education, finance, journalism, local history

• Seminars, debates and conferences with informational and educational purposes.

Initiates and participates to the following community projects:
Poza Centrul de Formare

• European Information – The European Values - a programme for children (2006), in partnership with the Association for Development and Initiative

• ADELPHI Project – information about the community "aquis" on environment (2005), in partnership with Carol Lehmann Mountain Eco-Club Association from Brasov and Centro Studi Sereno Regis from Turin

• European Information – The European Spring Day - a programme for children (2005)

• "Community involvement in the selective collecting of the waste materials", project within the Matra Programme (2002-2003)

• "Information and Interaction for Promoting the Human Rights" in partnership with "CONCEPT" Foundation (2001)