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Media Library


Poza Mediateca • A rich collection of albums, scores, art books and magazines, CDs, DVDs, audio and video cassettes;
• An art collection based on donations from the local artists;
• A generous reading area for consulting the reference books;
• High professional equipment for consulting the multimedia documents.


• Art exhibitions;
• Monthly auditions and professional debates about jazz music;
• Seminaries for initiating people in music and art.

Partnerships with:
Poza Mediateca

• "The Association of the Romanian Musicians"
• The Faculty of Music in Brasov
• The "G. Dima" Philharmonic Orchestra in Brasov
• Brasov Opera House
• The "Sica Alexandrescu" Theatre in Brasov

On-going projects:

• A web site of the library art collection;
• On-line dictionary of local artists.