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Lending Department


Poza Sectia Imprumut • The collection of the Lending Department is an encyclopedic one containing domains such as: Linguistics, Psychology, Religion, Computer Science, Psychology, Ethics, Logic, Philosophy, Ethnography, Feminism, Occult Sciences, Economics, Management, Marketing, Law, Geography, History , Welfare, Public Administration, Sociology, Romanian literature, universal literature, literary criticism, German Literature, Spanish Literature, Medicine, Mathematics, Astronomy, Transport, Science. Environment - Protection and environmental pollution, various industries and trades, Physics, Chemistry

• Methods for learning foreign languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Slovak, Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Esperanto, Turkish, Sanskrit, Japanese, Romani, Serbian

• The reader can borrow up to three books

• The term of return is 14 days, with the possibility of extension for another two times

• Permanently, the users are able to consult our collection of Recent Publications

Poza Sectia Imprumut

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• Cultural activities in partnership with the Faculty of Letters from the Transylvania University Brasov

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