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created on the partnership between the 'George Baritiu' Public Library and the French Alliance in Brasov


Poza Mediateca Franceza • Reference works: linguistic dictionaries, thematic dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases
• Books of literature, science and also from many other domains
• Titles from the school and university syllabus
• Periodicals
• Audio and video cassettes, CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs
• A rich collection of books for children

Library services:

• Lending materials
• Possibility for reference publications to be consulted
• Bibliographic information
• Video cassettes, CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs consulting place
• Free access to the Internet on French web sites
• Access to electronic dictionaries on CD-ROMs and on-line

Information about:

Poza Mediateca Franceza • France and French-speaking countries
• French education system and the possibilities of studying in France
• Events organized by the French Institute in Bucharest and the French Alliances in Romania


• Since 2003, with the French Alliance Brasov, supported by the Brasov County Council and the Embassy of France, in order to carry out the activity of the Media Library and to organise the cultural events.
• with NGOs from France for the benefit of the Francophony: "Association L'Entraide Francophone Yvelinoise", "Defence of the French Language", BIBLIONEF, ARRI
• with the French Lectorate of the "Transilvania" University Brasov, with colleges and schools in Brasov (Francophone cineclub, competitions, exhibitions, school performances)

Other Services:

• books for children, in the schools in town, by means of the Library-Bus

Cultural activities:

• Traditionally - organised with the support of the Cultural Service of the French Embassy: Lire en Fete, Fete de la Musique, 14 Juillet, Journees de la Francophonie
• Occasionally - round tables, meetings with writers from the Francophone countries, concerts, theater festival, competitions, evening reading