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Children's Library

Poza Filiala Pentru Copii Si TineretA reception place especially designed for:
• Drawing and thematic exhibitions;
• Film projections;
• Other events (school feasts, contests etc.).

The lending department:
• Books for children and young people up to 18-year-old;
• Book collection of 45,000 volumes, including publications from the school bibliography and other domains of interest, books in foreign languages for pre-school and school pupils, encyclopaedias, atlases, dictionaries, magazines etc.

Other services offered:
• Books for lending;
• Reading room;
• Story and music auditions from the CDs collection;
• Video and DVD film projections.

The Toy Library

Poza Jucarioteca is designed for the children from 1 to 16 year-old, but also to their parents and grandparents.

Other library services:
• instructive and educational activities for fun and recreation for groups and individuals;
• games and toys for different kind of skills development and different ages;
• Internet Club;
• Holiday Club.

Address: 6, Iuliu Maniu st.
Telefon: +40-268-474081