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Library Cataloguing

Poza Sectia Catalogare

• makes the current and retrospective library cataloguing of the library documents;

• registers the library collections, according to the standards in use and IFLA(International Federation of Library Association) regulations;

• classifies, systematically and alphabetically, all types of documents;

• makes the bibliographical description and indexing of the library documents, introducing all the specific elements into the library database;

• searches the documents in order to present their contents in the notes field in the library catalogue that is at the users’ disposal;

• offers to the library users the specific instruments for searching and finding the information sources:
        -alphabetic catalogue (authors)
        -alphabetic catalogue (titles)
        -general systematic catalogue
        -catalogue of news
        -alphabetic index
        -electronic catalogue

Since 1997, the library cataloguing of all kinds of documents is made electronically, using the ALICE library soft. Simultaneously, the documents entered the library collections before 1996 are catalogued retrospectively, so more than 70% of the catalogue registrations are already introduced into the library catalogue. Starting with April, 2006, the ‘George Baritiu’ Public Library uses a new library soft, called „LIBERTY”, that allows entering a number of 32 million library registrations into the library database, having also an interface and search motors that offer to the library users simple ways for finding the needed information.

Average period of time for library cataloguing of the documents: 20 days.