We hold 300,000 books, journal and newspaper titles, sound recordings, and so much more. Start exploring here.

Branch no.1

Located on the 15, Saligny Street, in the Craiter district, this branch was established in 1960 and holds a collection of over 35,000 volumes. You can find here reference works, literature, children's books or fiction.

Address: str. Anghel Saligny nr. 15, bl.14, sc. A, ap.1
Phone: +40-268-319061

The Alexandru Bogdan Branch (no.2)

The Alexandru Bogdan Branch has a collection of over 44,000 volumes. You can find here reference works, works on different specific subjects, and fiction. It provides professional assistance and information relating to the library activity.

Address: 125, 13 December Bvd.
Phone: +40-268-545707

Branch no.3

Another branch is located on 6, Soarelui Str., Astra district, and has a collection of over 26,500 volumes, arranged in a system of free shelves access. The library is primarily designed for the use of the adults, but the book collection also covers the school and university syllabuses for the students living in the area.

Address: Str. Soarelui nr. 6
Phone: +40-268-317567

Branch no.4

Easily accessible, this branch is located on 2, Berzei Str. Although the space is not very generous, it is compensated by the richness and variety of the book fund of more than 20,000 volumes for children and youth. Reference books can be read here, and also books in foreign languages.

Address: Str. Berzei nr. 2
Phone: +40-268-330616

Branch no.5

Poza filiala 5 The fifth branch of our library is located in a large district of Brasov, on 53, Grivitei Bvd. It offers to the public a collection of 42,000 volumes, organized in a suitable space. The placement of a large library branch into the city's university quarter has determined a permanent endowment with academic references required by the students from the different faculties in Brasov. Branch has encyclopedic profile.

Address: 53, Grivitei Bvd
Phone: +40-268-423980