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Bibliographic Services

Poza Bibliografic • Offers specific information asked by the readers;

• Highlights and communicates the fund of the library documents;

• Actively participates to the scientific library plan;

• Works out the Local Bibliography of Brasov city and county, by processing the articles from the local and central press and from the monographic works regarding the past and the present of the Brasov county, on domains, introducing them into the library database;

• Draws up or recommends thematic bibliographies, on request;

• Permanently up-dates the thematic catalogues of the department;

• Participates in organising the cultural events of the library;

• Participates to the cultural activities organised by other cultural institutions;

Poza Bibliografic • Draws up the calendar of the cultural activities dedicated to the local, national and international personalities;

• Organises thematic exhibitions of documents, old books, periodicals, and photography;

• Presents scientific studies within the local and national symposiums;

• Publishes scientific works, based on the documents existing in the library collections;

• The Cultural Memory - People and Places from Old and New Times’ Collection, consisting in scientific works such as:
             - "Great Scholars from Brasov"
             - "Romanian Periodicals from Brasov" (1837 - 1990)
             - "In honorem Gernot Nussbächer"
             - "Fortified Churches from the County of Brasov"
             - a bio-bibliographic dictionary of the personalities of Brasov

Partnerships with:

• Personalities from all the scientific fields,
• Specialists from different cultural institutions
• Local public administration offices
The National Archives
The Muresianu’s House Memorial Museum
The History Museum