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Library aquisitions

Poza Evidenta • Current and retrospective acquisition of books, periodicals, graphic, electronic and audio-visual documents

• The policy of acquisition and development is determined by:
      - the encyclopaedic profile of the library collection
      - the structure of the already existing collection
      - library users’ requests and needs
      - the necessity of keeping a ballance between the different kinds of documents:
            77,38% books,
            16,28% periodicals,
            5,76% audio-visual documents,
            0,37% electronic documents,
            0,21% other documents.

• The collection growth was financially supported in 50% from the state budget, in 4% from the own incomes and in 46% from donations. Thus, in 2008, the library has acquisitioned, 15,529 bibliographic units from all the domains.

Poza Evidenta

• The department keeps the records (primary and individually) for the current entrances.

• Processes every periodicals entered the library collection and permanently up-dates the Alphabetic Catalogue for Periodicals.

• Deletes the withdrawn documents from the library records.

• Introduces the needed data for listing afterwards the inventory records.

• Shares out the library documents to the library departments.

• Starting with 1998, the processing of the documents is made electronically (ALICE Library Soft until 2005, LIBERTY, starting with 2006).